Josh Groban Gets Funny For TV Guest Spot This Fall

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(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for LACMA)

(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for LACMA)

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Josh Groban is ditching his nice guy image for a guest spot on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia next season.

The singer will play himself on an episode titled “The Gang Saves The Day,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. No further details about the episode have been released as of press time.

Groban’s role on the show, which makes some of the most repulsive things funny, at first may seem strange but anyone who’s watched the show knows the gang’s lone lady, Dee, is a huge Groban fan. She even refers to herself as a “Grobanite.”

In one episode from the sixth season she gets backstage passes to a Groban show. In preparation, she immediately gets herself spray tanned and buys a pair of white shorts, explaining that “Josh Groban likes his ladies to pop.” Unfortunately, she ends up getting poisoned by Frank (Danny DeVito) and misses her chance to meet Groban. None of which seems that weird for Always Sunny. Perhaps now though she’ll finally get her chance to meet her idol.


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