What Kind Of Guy Would Eat a Cicada?!

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Photo: Joe Cingrana/Fresh 102.7

Photo: Joe Cingrana/Fresh 102.7

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kim berk What Kind Of Guy Would Eat a Cicada?!

jim photo What Kind Of Guy Would Eat a Cicada?!

jim kim facebook What Kind Of Guy Would Eat a Cicada?!

Yeah, eeew. But we found out this morning on the show!

I have to be honest… it’s not a question that’s ever crossed my mind before. I probably wouldn’t necessarily gravitate toward a guy that would eat a cicada for money. And he ate it for not that much money, too!

We happened to be talking about the 17-year brood cicada invasion of the East Coast this morning. Obviously it depends on where you live if you’ll be able to seen them. Here in the city, I saw one dead cicada on a West Village street and one of my dogs tried to eat it… gross. Jim lives on Long Island and hasn’t seen any. But Joe Nolan (who lives in New Jersey) is inundated with them. He actually recorded their sound (kind of sounds like a car alarm going off) so we could hear how loud they are.

Want to hear it? Ok, here it is… and right after we got a call from Kelsey who told us about the cicada-munching guy in her husband’s office.

Well, we couldn’t let that one pass… so we called up Kelsey’s husband John who walked through the office looking for Glen the cicada-swallower (and chewer) so we could talk to him about the experience and the $24 (yes, $24!) he got for eating a live cicada!

How much money would it take to get YOU to eat a cicada?

–Kim Berk/Fresh 102.7

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