New Music To Know: Pacific Air, Electropop With Just A Touch Of Enya

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(Courtesy of Republic Records)

(Courtesy of Republic Records)

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Most bands wear their influences on their sleeves, but Pacific Air tuck theirs away, hiding them within the many layers of their songs where they can only be heard with headphones.

Listen closely to the duo — comprised of brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhon — and you might hear a bit of early ’90s R&B or hip-hop. Pay even closer attention and you’ll detect a little Enya.

“If you took the drums out of any of our music, it could be a New Age song,” Ryan, the oldest Lawhon, told

Thanks to their mom, the Lawhons grew up listening to New Age music. While no one is going to compare Pacific Air — who previously went by the name KO KO — to Enya, the guys say it’s definitely an influence worth mentioning.

“Instead of abrasive rhythmic synths we tend to go for more sprawling, very stereo, soft synths,” Ryan said. “Which is something heavily utilized in New Age music. It’s something that provides such a nice layer and it fills up the sound without overpowering rhythmically.”


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