Do You Know Someone Who Answers the Phone like a Wise-Ass?

Hello, “Joe’s Pizza!”

Every time my partner Jim answers the phone… he says “Joe’s Pizza.” He’s been doing it for years. It could be the boss on the other end. It could be a co-worker, his wife, even a celebrity… Always, he answers “Joe’s Pizza.”

Thirteen years later, I’ll admit I have to keep from rolling my eyes (an unattractive female trait) when he does it because it really is an endearing habit (today… tomorrow I might roll my eyes).

So I wanted to give him the opportunity to actually answer the phone, “Joe’s Pizza,” when it actually counted (and made sense). In my neighborhood there really is a Joe’s Pizza. It’s famous. It’s on Carmine Street and it is actually a stop on some of the NYC tours. I always see the Joe’s Pizza boxes that the litterbugs throw on the sidewalks or streets of the West Village (Really?? There’s a garbage can on EVERY corner… another thought for another time). But I guess it’s good advertising for Joe and his scrumptious pizza.

So yesterday, I took Jim over to meet Joe from Joe’s Pizza and he is exactly how you picture him… his name is actually Pino (which means Joe in Italian) and he looks like the patriarch of a world-famous pizza place… handsome and just a tiny bit scary!

And we tried to get him to allow Jim to answer his phones for a bit with his signature “Joe’s Pizza!” Listen below…

–Kim Berk/Fresh 102.7

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