Justin Bieber Owes Germany Thousands For Monkey Day Care

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(MIKKO STIG/AFP/Getty Images)

(MIKKO STIG/AFP/Getty Images)

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Day care don’t come cheap for Justin Bieber, who reportedly owes a German animal shelter thousands for watching his monkey, OG Mally.

Last month, Bieber was forced to leave his pet capuchin monkey, OG Mally, at the Munich airport because he didn’t have the correct documentation to allow the pet in the country. Bieber was given 30 days to come up with the papers, and he ultimately decided to give up the monkey.

However, it seems he didn’t tell that to the Munich animal shelter where Mally has been held since being taken away from Bieber. The shelter is now billing Bieber for the cost of care for his monkey. Between general care, food and vet visits for OG Mally, Bieber’s bill is several thousand dollars, according to the Munich customs office.

Furthermore, the shelter is still waiting for a response regarding next actions for Mally. He has a deadline of today to come up with papers with legally reclaim OG Mally, otherwise the monkey will be moved permanently to a German zoo or animal park.

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