Should Women Do Their Own Home Improvement Projects?

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kim berk Should Women Do Their Own Home Improvement Projects?

jim photo Should Women Do Their Own Home Improvement Projects?

jim kim facebook Should Women Do Their Own Home Improvement Projects?

Wait… maybe I should rephrase that! Should I tackle my own home improvement? Keep in mind, I am short on patience and long on clumsiness.

But, still, I would like to regrout my kitchen. It’s as good a project to tackle as any. I have beautiful tiles in my kitchen but with two dogs the grout in between is getting a bit dingy and I am certainly not the on-my-knees-with-a-toothbrush kind of girl. So, I thought that regrouting would be like icing a cake… a pastry bag full of grout and just top off the existing grout.

Apparently that’s not true. John Colaneri from Kitchen Cousins on HGTV brought me back down to earth this morning on exactly what it would take to regrout my kitchen…he said he thought I could do it, but I felt like maybe he really thought I should hire someone…

Listen HERE:

Check out the Kitchen Cousins on Ellen today and tomorrow for the big reveal of a house they re-did for a single mom!!

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