Kim’s College: Martin, Mayer and MacFarlane!

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(Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

(Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

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kim berk Kims College: Martin, Mayer and MacFarlane!

jim photo Kims College: Martin, Mayer and MacFarlane!

jim kim facebook Kims College: Martin, Mayer and MacFarlane!

She is our dean of pop culture for Kim’s College of Hollywood Knowledge.

Kim now has 25 losses on her record so let’s go for another!

We’ll give Kim the same FIVE questions. If you get more questions right than Kim, you win $102.

Otherwise, Kim wins!

Here are today’s questions:

  1. Star Magazine has revealed their list of Hollywood’s most hated celebrities. #1 on the list, was THIS actress who is married to Coldplay’s, Chris Martin. Who is she?
  2. John Mayer just split from Katy Perry, but rumors say he’s been sending flirty text messages to THIS singer, who current hit is called, “Stay.” Name her.
  3. Seth MacFarlane and this actress/model were seen having dinner together. She won an Oscar for her role in the movie, “Monster.” Name her.
  4. Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger is all set to marry singer Avril Lavigne. In their song “Photograph,” who’s the first girl he kissed, he was so nervous that he nearly missed?
  5. It was rumored this week that Friends might be making a comeback to the airwaves but producers shot that down. What was Joey’s famous pick-up line for women?

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