Paramore Throw Technicolor House Party For ‘Still Into You’ Video

"I definitely think we’re reintroducing ourselves to the world and to our fans."
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Courtesy Fueled By Ramen

Courtesy Fueled By Ramen

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Launching their long-awaited self-titled fourth album, Paramore released the stark, post-apocalyptic video for the first single, “Now.” As a follow-up, singer Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis have done a complete about-face with a full-color and fun house party for the album’s second single, “Still into You.”

Opening with the band perched atop a canoe in a room full of balloons, the bright, energetic clip features Williams frolicking in a birthday cake-filled bedroom and as the centerpiece of an elaborate dance routine by a troupe of ballerinas. Much like the track itself, the “Still Into You” video is insanely girly.

On her Tumblr, Williams confirmed that the band was going for a Tim Walker vibe. The British fashion photographer, often associated with Vogue, is known for his romantic and whimsical images.

“I definitely think we’re reintroducing ourselves to the world and to our fans,” Williams told in a recent interview about the band’s self-titled new album, out today (April 9). “At the same time, it’s so definitely us, you know? It’s so Paramore. I just don’t think there would’ve been any other title that would’ve worked. Anything else would’ve felt like we were trying too hard.”

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