Does Throwing a Birthday Party For My Dogs Make Me the Undateable Dog Lady of the West Village?

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Kim's Pup, Bailey

Kim’s Pup, Bailey

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Jim and Producer Craig were giving me a hard time this morning because the two pieces of heaven in my life, my Black Labs Bailey and Allie, will celebrate their 10th birthday very soon and I am absolutely not going to throw them a birthday party. That started it… all I heard was how their big birthday was coming up and I was the doggie mommie dearest because I wouldn’t throw them a birthday party.

Here It Is: My dogs are the most spoiled dogs in the world. They sleep in bed with me and sometimes they actually let me have enough room so that I can stretch out from a fetal position. They are the princesses of the West Village, but I draw the line at birthday parties. I am a single girl with two dogs, I am one cat away from being “that” lady on the block that gives out popcorn balls and bags of pennies at Halloween.

So a birthday party might just push me into the realm of the undateable.

Jim disagrees, so he brought in a doggie party planner to convince me that you can actually throw cool canine fetes (think Elvis impersonators and pie eating contests).

Dorothy from The Dining Dog almost had me convinced…

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