Train’s Pat Monahan Promises to Complain Less, Write New Songs

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(Getty Images/ Christopher Polk)

(Getty Images/ Christopher Polk)

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Pat Monahan: Train vocalist, shy guy looking for a two-ply Hefty bagcompulsive liar and… complainer?

Well, he thinks so, anyway. According to a post on his personal Tumblr (, which is actually the best name ever), Monahan has decided that he’s “not going to complain anymore,” and that the complaints he makes “are really due to boredom.” (“Except when WiFi is bad and playing Words with Friends is slow,” he added, which is accurate.)

“New rule: If its [sic] not funny and or it isn’t a reflection of my awesome life, don’t say it. Amen,” he continued.

But Monahan and Train aren’t exactly known for their negativity, especially in recent years, with such past hits as the happy-go-lucky “Hey, Soul Sister” and sunny, breezy “Mermaid.” In fact, the band’s most toned-down hit, “Marry Me,” is still a sappy, sweet love song at its core, and goes well with the fact that the band totally performs weddings at their concerts, as drummer Scott Underwood is an ordained minister.

Monahan finished off the post by noting that he would “write some songs next week.” So if you thought these last few singles had been particularly saccharine, just wait until you meet Virginia– I mean, the new Pat Monahan.

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