Swedish Mannequins Showing REAL Women, Real Curves!

Are you ALL woman? And by that I mean raise your hand if you DON’T look like the emaciated models and mannequins we see everywhere we look! Hey, if God made you a tiny size zero you should love yourself unconditionally. But when society tells us that’s how EVERYONE should look… I can’t buy into it.

I’ll admit, I tried… I really did try to get to tiny sizes before and after I had kids, and I came close. But you know what? My body didn’t belong there! I may be a few pounds/inches from where I’d like to be but I just really want to have curves in all the right places! And I work hard to get it!

So, it’s nice to finally see somebody, somewhere, getting a clue about what the majority of women look like and PORTRAYING it! These pictures of REAL WOMAN sized mannequins in Sweden have gone viral on Facebook! Take a look and tell us what you think!

–Karen Carson, Fresh 102.7

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