What ‘Liking’ Lady Antebellum Means For Your IQ

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Mark Davis/Getty Images

Mark Davis/Getty Images

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When you click that little thumbs up on Facebook, you might be giving more away about yourself than just your passion for Lady Antebellum.

new study done by University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom found that liking certain things on the social networking site can give insight into how smart you are.

Researchers took a closer look at the online habits of 58,000 Facebook users between 2007 and 2012 and found that those who ‘liked’ The Colbert Report, thunderstorms, science and curly fries were predicted to be of high intelligence.

As for people who clicked on the parenting page ‘I Love Being A Mom,” the beauty store Sephora, motorcycle giant Harley Davidson and Lady Antebellum, well, they’re believed to be of low intelligence. Yes, liking the country trio apparently does not help you become a MENSA member.

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