Think You Make a Mean Snowman? Check Out Fitzy Snowman’s Snow Sculptures!

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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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Remember the days when the snow fell and you didn’t groan inwardly because it means you have to do the white-knuckle drive to work… but instead you watched TV to see if your school was delayed and started gathering clothing and veggies to make a cool snowman?!

Well, you don’t want to have the snowman on the block that all the other kids make fun of do you? My brother and I were not the best snowman makers and our frozen guy always seemed to have a permanent crick in his back leaning to the left with crooked branch hands, a baby carrot nose and Dad’s scarf.

But this morning we talked to Fitzy Snowman (Sean Fitzpatrick) who travels around the country making the most amazing snow sculptures (cars, buildings, Nemo) and putting Bob the Snowman that my brother and I built to shame!

Fitzy Snowman is the guy rich people call in to build the coolest snowmen at their houses and companies…. and this morning he gave us some tips on building the best snowman!

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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