A Snowy Spotify Playlist For A Snowy NYC Day!

"The snow is coming down, in our New England town..."

The snow is coming down here in NYC!

To help you make it through this frigid winter weather, Fresh 102.7  has got you covered with a Snowy Spotify playlist.

Cuddle up with the guys from Fountains of Wayne, a power pop band formed in NYC, as they take you through the snow covered streets of “Staten Island and the Upper West Side” in their “Valley Winter Song”. This is just an awesome, local tune about how a “reckless winter made it’s way” through the big city.

And although Adele‘s “Cold Shoulder” doesn’t really have anything to do with this snow, it certainly felt like a shower of needles pinching your skin this morning. That’s a lot better than being showered “with words made of knives” from your ex.

Adele, we feel your pain.

Just don’t shoot down our playlist before giving it a try!

– Maria Bonello, Fresh 102.7/NYC

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