Dido Makes A Run For It In New Video

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(Guy Aroch)

(Guy Aroch)

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Dido sings, “I’m free to walk out the door,” on her new single “No Freedom” and that’s exactly what she does.

In the video, the singer, whose fourth album, Girl Who Got Away, comes out March 26, sits down for a heart to heart with her man as numerous parade balloons soar on by. See if you can even find Nemo as the balloons go by.

Unfortunately, this guy just doesn’t seem to be listening, so Dido hits the road. As the ticker tape falls, she repeats her sullen mantra, “No love without freedom, no freedom without love.”

Dido doesn’t exactly get her Ferris Bueller moment, but she certainly doesn’t let anyone rain on her parade either.

Watch the video for “No Freedom” below.

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