Travis Barker Gives Free Drum Lessons

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Courtesy Travis Barker

Courtesy Travis Barker

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Travis Barker continues to reinforce he’s a drummer that just wants to give back.

Barker launched a new web tutorial series yesterday (February 26) titled , The Crash Course. In it, the blink-182 drummer shares his skills on the skins for fans and aspiring drummers. Inspired to play the drums by the Muppets‘ spastic Animal character, Barker takes a breath from his normally hyper-speed sets and slows it down for a behind-the-scenes look.

In the debut episode, titled “The Warm-Up,” Barker starts with tips on loosing the hands, wrists and arms with various stretches followed by a series of rudiments. Likely foreign-sounding to non-drummers, Barker performs an “eight on the hand,” “triplets with accents,” and his own paradiddle-like pattern.

Meanwhile, Bad Religion’s Brooks Wackerman is filling in on percussion duties while Barker’s blink-182 bandmates spend a month touring Australia. Despite his best efforts, Barker was unable to overcome his fear of flying; a condition he developed as the result of the 2008 plane crash that claimed four lives.


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