Danny Aiello Never Wanted To Work With Madonna

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Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

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Danny Aiello has certainly left his mark on the big screen with roles in Once Upon a Time in America, Ruby, The Godfather: Part II, Hudson Hawk, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Moonstruck, Two Days in the Valley, Dinner Rush and Do the Right Thing. 

Aiello is also remembered for his part in Madonna‘s music video for “Papa Don’t Preach,” released in 1986. Aiello played the role of Madge’s father, something he never wanted to do.

“My daughter talked me into that, I didn’t want to do it because, ya know, I don’t do videos,” says Aiello, whose daughter was a huge fan. He didn’t accept the $450 for the shoot in exchange for his daughter to be allowed on set to take pictures.

Aiello’s opinion on Madonna hasn’t changed much since they met in 1986, not to say he isn’t brutally honest about what he thinks about the Material Girl.

“She hasn’t changed much, except I think she was a better singer when she was sorta brand new.”

Despite the criticism, Aiello still remembers her fondly.

“She was very nice to me, I suppose it was a father/daughter relationship.”

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