Adam Levine Sits Down With Kim (But Not Jim) To Discuss MSG, ‘Daylight’ And More

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Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Radio

Photo: Joe Cingrana/CBS Radio

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Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine sat down with Kim (minus Jim) for a special interview to discuss the bands latest single, remembering his first time performing at Madison Square Garden and much more.

“Daylight” is the band’s third single from their Platinum selling album Overexposed. It follows the success of the its lead single “Payphone” and follow up single “One More Night,” but holds a special quality that Levine hasn’t felt in a song in almost a decade.

“‘Daylight’ is the first song since ‘She Will Be Loved’ that… I felt really passionate about,” says The Voice judge and coach. “I love all of our songs… but ‘Daylight’ is a unique thing.”

Maroon 5’s success is something Levine always believed would come to fruition. Years ago that belief was wrought from his brash youth, but also forged from the confidence he had in himself and his band. For many artists, performing at Madison Square Garden is a sure sign you’ve made it; something that Maroon 5 has achieved and, coincidentally, humbles the formally brazen Levine.

“I probably would have told you we were going to do that when I was a stupid little kid because I was a cocky little bastard, but sometimes, ya know, your own self-belief is what helps propel you,” says Levine. “I’m not sure I really believed it, but it is astonishing.”

Listen to Kim’s complete interview with Adam Levine as they discuss changes to The Voice, Adam hearing himself on the radio for the first time and much more!

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