Beyonce’s Publicist Upset Over “Fierce” Photos Published On The Web

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Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Maria Bonello
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We can all agree that Beyonce gave an amazing performance during the live Super Bowl XLVII half-time show that was broadcast to over 108 million households, whether or not you agree with her attire or remember who the heck Destiny’s Child is.

Going along with the show’s female empowerment theme, guitarist Bibi McGill awed us with her flaming guitar stunts and rockin’ riffs as Beyonce reclaimed her spot on the stage with a colorful light show and some of her greatest hits. The show was nothing less than a representation of classic Beyonce.

In fact, the diva’s performance was so fierce that photographers were able to capture Bey in some of her most ferocious poses. Unfortunately, not all of the photos sat well with the singer’s publicist.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

BuzzFeed happened to feature many of the unflattering photos on it’s site and were asked via telephone and email to remove them. But they had other plans.

Instead, the publicist’s email was published and the unflattering photos that were specifically requested to be removed were not only featured but highlighted on the site, accompanied by humorous captions explaining why Bey’s photos are so “fierce.”

Bet Beyonce isn’t feeling so empowered now though…

-Maria Bonello, Fresh 102.7/NYC

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