Satellite Discuss Songwriting Leading To Release Of Debut LP ‘Calling Birds’

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Satellite (Photo: CBS Digital)

Satellite (Photo: CBS Digital)

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When inspecting the liner notes of an artist’s album, it can be interesting to note that though a musician provides vocals for a song, it doesn’t necessarily imply it was written by them. While reviewing the album sleeve of Satellite’s debut LP Calling Birds on March 5th, that certainly won’t be the case.

Based in Nashville, TN, Steven McMorran (vocals/guitar), Mitch Allan (guitar), Josh Dunahoo (guitar), and Erik Kertes (bass) formed Satellite in 2010 and have utilized McMorran’s songwriting credentials with other members’ strong musicianship to propel the band to some early success. Several of McMorran’s songs have been used by some of music’s biggest names, including Celine Dion (“This Time”), Michael Bolton (“What You’re Doing To Me”) and Joe Cocker.

“I’m now officially your mom’s favorite songwriter,” jokes McMorran.

But songwriting doesn’t always pay very well, especially when checks from music streaming sites and apps like Rdio, Pandora and Spotify pile up at a mere 5 cents, even less.

“You laugh at it, keep writing more songs and hope they get on the radio,” McMorran.

That’s why the fellas in Satellite are excited to get their music to the ears of the public. In just a few months the band’s video for “Say The Words,” shot primarily with McMorran’s iPhone, has amassed over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Satellite hopes to ride that momentum to the release of Calling Birds with several shows on the East Coast, including playing The Living Room Tuesday night (January 15) in New York City, and releasing their latest single “Brooklyn.”

Listen to Steven McMorran perform “Brooklyn” live in the Fresh studio!

Keep up with Satellite:

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