Brooklyn’s Nadav Nirenberg Sets Trap For iPhone Theif On OK Cupid

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Brooklyn musician Nadav Nirenberg accidentally left his iPhone in a cab and someone took it, but he wasn’t going to sit idly by while someone used his phone to log onto his Ok Cupid account and troll for girls!

Nadav came up with a plan. A plan worthy of a Brooklyn boy. A plan so diabolical that it had the iPhone thief showing up at his apartment with a bottle of wine and wearing cologne. Nadav posed as a hottie Latina and contacted the thief on his stolen iPhone inviting him to meet him at his Brooklyn apartment.

“I didn’t tell him which apartment was mine, ya know, just in case…,” says Nadav. “I followed him up, he turns around [and] sees me and is instantly, he just has this look of embarrassment and fear on his face.”

That’s when Nadav extended a $20 peace offering with one hand… and a hammer in the other!

Hear the full story below!

Check out Nadav’s website and his band’s site too!

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