Want To Feel Like An A-Lister? Hire Your Own Paparazzi!

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You know all of those great shots of Leann Rimes looking good in her bikini? They aren’t as candid as you think! I was reading the other day that Leann actually tips off the paparazzi when she’s looking abtastic on the beach or romantic with her hubby.

RadarOnline spilled the beans and it turns out that plenty of non A-List celebs tip off the paps so that they get talked about.

So, it made me wonder if your everyday, average person could do the same thing and it turns out you can hire your own Paparazzi!!

Going out to dinner with your girlfriends? Have the paparazzi jump out and take some great, candid pics. Proposing to your girlfriend? They do that too!

James Ambler from Paparazzi Proposals told us we could get the full package including security people, SUVs and a phalanx of paps…

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