Kris Allen Recuperates, Tweets Details Of Upcoming Tour

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(Courtesy of Maria Ives)

(Courtesy of Maria Ives)

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After Kris Allen’s scary New Year’s Day car accident that left him with a broken wrist, the singer has been spending his time recuperating and of course, tweeting.

The singer, who is expecting his first baby with wife, Katy, recently had surgery to repair his injured arm and from the looks of his car, it could have been worse.

Kris posted a photo of his totaled Ford, which was hit head-on letting fans know he’s happy to have made it out alive. He also showed off his new cast filled with get-well wishes.

But, Kris doesn’t plan to sit still for long. He’s heading back out on the road for his fittingly titled, Out Alive Tour.

Kicking off on January 8 in Connecticut, Kris will be taking requests via Twitter before each one of his shows. Though he will unfortunately not be able to play the guitar this time around, he plans to rock out on the xylophone.

He’ll also ride around in the lap of luxury: a van named Dotty.

But when it’s all said and done, his tour is really the second most exciting thing going on in his life.

- Shannon Carlin,

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