Did You Know This About Bryan Adams’ Christmas Hits?

“There’s something about Christmas time that makes you wish it was Christmas everyday.” Those are the words Bryan Adams sings in his popular holiday song. But when CBS Local asked him about “Christmas Time” he said he has no idea where those lyrics came from.

“I actually don’t remember writing it,” he said. “I remember [songwriter, Jim Vallance] and I sitting down to write it. I think it might be Jim’s chorus and it’s my verse… I don’t recall exactly.”

The song, which has become a holiday radio staple, was never supposed to become a classic. Released in 1985 to fan club members only, Adams is still shocked that anyone else has ever heard it.

“It’s surprising when you say it’s a big song now,” he explained. “I had no idea. It was just a thank you.”

Adams is responsible for another, some might say obscure, holiday song called “Reggae Christmas.”

The B-side to “Christmas Time,” which was also written by Vallance, was originally written for Ringo Starr in 1978.

Vallance explained on his site that Adams found it in 1984, years after The Beatles’ drummer turned it down. While recording in New York City Adams called him to see if he could add a few lines to the song.

“Mid-session he decided the song needed a middle ‘bridge’ section,” Vallance wrote. “I agreed. It’s the only time we ever did this, but we actually wrote part of a song over the telephone.”

For those who made fun of the Canadian’s plea to spend Christmas in Jamaica, he reassured CBS Local that he was in on the joke. And the video, featuring Pee-wee Herman, was a nod to the silliness of the song.

The MTV-produced clip is a product of the ‘80s with feathered hair, acid-wash jeans and all the familiar faces from MTV at that time joining a conga line led by a dread-locked Pee-wee Herman.

“It was quite a laugh,” Adams said. “It has the first VJs from MTV dancing around to the song. I have quite fond memories of it.”

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local

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