J&K’s 12 Days Of Christmas Toys: Hexbug Warriors Battle Stadium

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Photo: Fresh 102.7

Photo: Fresh 102.7

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Every weekday leading up to Christmas Jim & Kim will be previewing a new toy for our 12 Days of Toys. And by ‘previewing’ we mean, incessantly playing with them until Producer Craig tells them to stop!

What better way to gear up for the holiday season than showcasing the hottest toys of the year? Be sure to watch out for these items during your holiday shopping, you don’t want to miss them!

Jim & Kim teamed up with Christopher Byrne, director of content for Time To Play. During his career, Chris has held a variety of positions with toy companies covering marketing, media, operations, product development and creative.

He helped Jim & Kim understand just how and why these toys will be the best of the season!

Today’s toy is the Hexbug Warriors Battle Stadium!

Innovation First |Ages 6+| $29.99

Hexbug Warriors are a set of mini robots designed to clash against one another in battle stadiums or arenas. Kids can create over a million different battle armor combinations with the interchangeable snaps on and off feature.

“When they battle each other, which is really just running into each other, they knock off pieces of the armor and eventually one bug will stop working and the other one is the triumphant Hexbug,” said Byrne.


With every hit, the Hexbug’s health decreases as its LED light goes from flashing green to red.

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