How Do You Catch Someone Who Is Stealing Stuff from Your Office?!

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Snack Burglar
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Do you have this problem? You probably have a cubicle, right? One morning, you come in and things are missing! This happens to us every single day… people walk into our office (which is a small space the three of us share and doesn’t have a lock) when we aren’t here and start snacking on our food! We have pretzels, Twizzlers, cashews, Girl Scout cookies and other generally not-so-healthy food. But when we want a quick snack, it’s there… until recently.

Suddenly, you go to open the Thin Mints and there is one cookie left in the sleeve. That’s the worst part of it, someone will open the cookies and eat all but one. I guess they don’t want to be rude!

So we decided to call our favorite private eye and find out what kind of trap we could set for them.

Judd Bank from CPI Investigations has helped us in the past with our private investigation needs, so we called him up to find out how to find the food offender.

Have you ever had personal items go missing in your office? Think you know who it was. May as well embarrass them publicly by calling them out in the comments section below!

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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