Would You Submit Your Tush to More Than 12 Hours In a Movie Seat? You Would if You Were a Twihard!

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The final movie of the Twilight Saga is finally out in theaters. It actually debuted officially last night at 10 o’clock showings across New York City and they were all sold out!!

But superfans – aka Twihards- did it in style with a Twilight Marathon. They got together to watch all five movies back-to-back – 12 hours and 26 minutes worth of Twilight – and capped it off with Breaking Dawn Part 2.

We talked to the Twihards as they arrived at the 34th Street AMC/Loewe’s Theatre for the marathon. They got their special lanyards, a poster and to talked to us! Ok fine, the poster was a better gift.

We met moms and sons, dads and daughters and people skipping work… but we always wanted to know the burning question: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7/NYC

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