Do You Know Your Mate?: How Many Beauty Aids Does Your Mate Use?

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"What, are size 15 shoes big for women or something?"

“What, are size 15 shoes big for women or something?”

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We have a brand new game on the morning show that tests your knowledge of your significant other! We’re calling it Do You Know Your Mate at 6:38!

Here’s how to play the game! 

You, as a couple, can call Jim & Kim at 6:38 every weekday morning to see how well you know the person you wake up to every day! You can be married, engaged or just boyfriend or girlfriend! You can be straight or gay! Everyone can play!

One person will go into our sound-proof booth while the other answers questions about the relationship. We then release that member to see how well they know their significant other!

Today’s couple was Harry & Deborah!

Find out how they did below!

Contact the Jim & Kim Show:


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