Could You Go a Full Year Without Yelling At Your Kids? It’s the ‘Orange Rhino Challenge!’

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Think about it Mom: When the kids are throwing a temper tantrum, refusing go to bed and just generally talking back and driving you to your wits end… could you do it all without yelling?

A New Jersey mom has taken a pledge not to yell at her children for 365 days.

She has four boys all under the age of 6 and just made it through 12 days of no power and three kids with strep throat… and she’s holding strong. She has 85 days to go (she had to start over a couple of times after breaking the pledge and yelling at the kids!).

She has taken the Orange Rhino Challenge. And where did she come up with the name? From her son picking his nose…

The pledge came about after the Orange Rhino Mom screamed at her children and was mortified to find out that the handyman had heard her.

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

What do you think of the challenge? Do you think you could last as long as Orange Rhino Mom, here? Sound off in the comments section below!

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