Has Your Car Become Your Enemy?

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Saddle Up!

Saddle Up!

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Hurricane Sandy was absolutely devastating for so many people and she continues to make her wrath felt… at the gas pump!

Bet you didn’t see this coming: Two or three hour lines at the pumps and a three hour drive to work because people don’t have enough passengers in their car and have to turn around at the checkpoint.

Wouldn’t a bicycle be great right about now?

Tons of New Yorkers, especially in Brooklyn and Queens, are dusting off their bikes and riding into work, past all the motorists stuck in traffic. But there are things they need that they have not needed before and Ben from 718 Cyclery says the weekend warriors are asking for one specific thing and what he thinks of bike shorts… fashionable or not.

And we had Eamon call us to tell us about the bike that HE just bought… his first since high school!

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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