What Are The Most Inappropriate Kids’ Halloween Costumes?

Halloween is right around the corner and moms everywhere are arguing with their kids about what costumes they want to wear this year.

Then, there are the parents who dress their children in incredibly inappropriate costumes… the kind of costumes that make you cringe, then let slip with a small giggle from behind your hands that are covering your mouth which is agape with horror. No, really, these costumes are that bad!!

Babble.com had a list of the most inappropriate kids’ costumes and we had listeners call in to guess what costumes were on the list and it turns out they had worst costumes than we had even thought of… Jerry Sandusky, Hannibal Lechter & Lady Gaga!

Listen Below!

Check out the 10 Most Inappropriate Kids Costumes according to Babble.com. The number one costume, is so offensive on a little kid that you will be appalled!!!

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