Timing Is Everything: Lily & The Parlour Tricks Release Teaser Video For “Murder Song”

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Photo: E.J. Judge/CBS Digital

Photo: E.J. Judge/CBS Digital

E.J. Judge
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New York City’s favorite retro rockers, Lily & The Parlour Tricks, have delivered a teaser video for “Murder Song,” the latest single from their self-titled EP, released in October 2011. There’s an ax, blood and a man sneaking around in the dark with an ax, so it’s safe to say someone will be murdered.

With Halloween around the corner, it’s obvious Lily & The Parlour Tricks understand that timing is everything.

Murder Song Trailer from Lily ParlourTricks on Vimeo.

lily cmj Timing Is Everything: Lily & The Parlour Tricks Release Teaser Video For Murder Song

The band just wrapped up performing during CMJ 2012, headling Big Picture Media’s Showcase at Sullivan Hall on October 19. It was during the annual music festival last year that Lily & The Parlour Tricks truly made a name for themselves, creating a groundswell of buzz in New York City and eventually elsewhere, landing them a spot on the South By Southwest lineup.

When asked about the theme of the video, Lily Claire stated “the video is more of a narrative short horror movie.”

A precise date for the release of the full length video hasn’t been announced, but considering the nature of the teaser and Claire’s comments, it will likely be timed perfectly.

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