Is Boca Ready for the Presidential Candidates? It’s Time to Play Obama or Romney…

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It’s the final presidential debate tonight and an important one since the majority of polls (except for that one Gallup Poll…think the pollsters were drinking when they called voters?) are showing a dead heat between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

This debate focuses on foreign policy…so get ready to hear a lot about Libya!!

But, are the residents of Boca Raton ready for the presidential debate? How much do they really know about the candidates? We decided to call a business down south and give them our Obama or Romney challenge.

  • Do you know which candidate owns four identical pairs of black, size 11 shoes?
  • Or which candidate rescued a New Jersey family and their Scottish terrier McKenzie when their boat sank on Lake Winnipesaukee?

We tested out Mario’s knowledge on these election swinging questions (tongue buried in cheek) because the Cannoli Kitchen sounded like a New Yorker’s dream…

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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