The Black Keys & RZA Release Awesome Video For “The Baddest Man Alive”

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Courtesy Soul Temple Music

Courtesy Soul Temple Music

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Armed with a head of lettuce, Dan Auerbach pursues RZA through the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant only to be beaten upside the head with a fish.

The sequence is just one of many hilarious slo-mo scenes in the new video from The Black Keys and Wu Tang Clan‘s RZA. The video was shot to accompany their collaborative song, “The Baddest Man Alive,” from the motion picture soundtrack to RZA’s soon-to-be-released Kung Fu flick; The Man With The Iron Fists.

The music video begins with Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney and RZA finishing up a meal at a Chinese restaurant. After the waitress leaves only one fortune cookie, a Kung Fu-style fight breaks out between the three in an attempt to claim the single snack.

After RZA beats Auerbach, he’s confronted by a chop-stick-wielding Patrick Carney. The Black Keys drummer hurls them only to hit an innocent bystander, who then has his arm ripped off by an unapologetic RZA.

The comical fight is brought to an end by the restaurant’s owner, an old Chinese man who turns out to be… the baddest man alive.”

YouTube viewer Manuel Rodriguez says it best when he commented, “I will never look at a fortune cookie the same way.”

While Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack is available now, the full-length film is set to kick its way into theaters November 2nd.

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local


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