How Much Is Jennifer Aniston’s Gargantuan Engagement Ring Worth?

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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DGA

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for DGA

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Any guy who is looking to get engaged soon should hide the pictures of Jennifer Aniston‘s engagement ring from his girlfriend. After two months of engagement to Justin Theroux, Jen finally flashed a ring big enough for the Rangers to skate on!

I hate to be cynical, but she hid that ring for two months… was the original ring that he gave her on his 41st birthday not up to her standards? As soon as she was engaged, the tabloids wanted to immediately compare her ring to her nemesis’ Angelina Jolie, so Jen’s ring had to be big and beautiful.

I would say she achieved that!

Most of us will never see something that big in our lifetime…it looks good on her, but there really is a such thing as too big when it comes to diamonds as far as I’m concerned. I think I would like something a little simpler. Then, again, I’m not a famous actress!

But, just how big is that rock on her hand? And how much is it worth? We brought in our expert jeweler to tell us…

Gary Hudes from Gennaro Jewelers in Bellmore on Long Island gives us the insane number of carats he thinks is in Jen’s ring.

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