The World’s Biggest Pizza Party Is In NYC And You’re Invited

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E.J. Judge
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As soon as we say “October is National Pizza Month,” the inevitable reaction tends to be “isn’t every month National Pizza Month?”

Since you’re into the whole brevity thing, the answer is “yes.” But labeling the entire month of October as a holiday allows us to gather together, put diets on hold and nosh on New York’s cheesy pride and joy without feeling guilty. Any qualms are now put to rest, which is perfect since the BIGGEST pizza party in the world is happening in New York City tomorrow (October 10).

32 of New York City’s top pizzerias from four boroughs will unite at St. Anthony’s Church on 154 Sullivan St. at 6pm, offering slices for merely ONE DOLLAR ($1)! There will also be mass quantities of soda to wash it all down, in cups smaller than 16 oz. of course (Thank you, Mayor Bloomberg).

Your appetite won’t be the only part of you feeling satisfied from attending the world’s biggest pizza party, but your conscience will too; for every slice consumed, twelve pounds of food will be rescued by City Harvest and distributed to the hungry in New York City.

Scott Wiener, the man behind Slice Out Hunger, will be hosting the event, now in its fourth year.

Eating $1 slices of pizza for a good cause? This groundhog eating pizza approves (STOP JUDGING HIM GOOSE!).

groundhogpizza The Worlds Biggest Pizza Party Is In NYC And Youre Invited

(Source: youtube)

While you have pizza on the brain, head over to and vote for the Best Pizza in the Tri-State!


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