What Would Happen If Last Night’s Presidential Debate Was Actually a Sitcom?

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Did you watch the presidential debate?

I watched the beginning of it with the sound down, because I was on the phone. This gave me a chance to check out both President Obama‘s and Mitt Romney‘s facial expressions as well as body language.

It looked like they didn’t like each other at all. They both had smirks on their faces that said, “you are so wrong,” while the other was talking.

I liked the blue tie/red tie – representing their respective blue state/red state – statement that they each made with their wardrobes.

Most of the experts say Romney won the debate hands-down, but we try to stay out of politics here on the Fresh Morning Show, so we got to thinking…

Wouldn’t the presidential debate have been a lot more entertaining if it was a sitcom?

Check out our new CBS sitcom called, “Two Rich Dudes,” starring President Obama and Mitt Romney.

-Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7 / NYC

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