Let’s See How iPhone Fans Have Been Weathering the Elements!

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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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It’s been 8 days in the elements for the first people on line to get the iPhone 5… Time to see how they are doing!!

Earlier this week we stopped by the Apple Store on 5th Avenue to see how many people were waiting on line to be the first to get the iPhone 5. We were stunned to find a pair of friends (Jessica and Keenan) who had been camped out since last Thursday.

Which means when all was said and done, they would be out there for eight days… to get a phone!

Eight days!!!!

For me to give up eight days of my life, that phone better rub my feet, pay for the Chinese take-out and… well, never mind.

But, Keenan and Jessica are the best of friends and they still had a smile on their face for us… and all of the TV cameras that were out on Friday morning. We must have seen them on television four or five times… that’s how cute they are.

And, then there was the trio at the end of the line that some rich guy paid to wait in line for him so he didn’t have to get his Brooks Brothers suit dirty next to the Occupy Wall Street protestors who were there.

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