Did You Know Most People in NYC Have Binoculars… and They Are Spying on YOU?!

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"Oh, hai!"

“Oh, hai!”

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You don’t think about other people watching you from far away, do you?

I didn’t either… until this morning.

We were talking about Kate Middleton this morning and it turns out the photographer who took pictures of the topless princess might have been up to a 1000 feet away when he caught the snaps. And both Jim and Producer Craig said they have binoculars in their homes and use them to spy on their neighbors.

Well, Jim says his wife uses the binoculars (mmm-hmmm, sure), but Producer Craig has his handy to people watch. I couldn’t believe it! And, apparently, there are plenty of New Yorkers that actually people watch (peep, but not in a creepy way) with their binoculars.

And how do we know this? Because we called up Camera Land on Lexington Avenue and talked to Neil who told us what New Yorkers are buying to spy on their neighbors…

And Jall then took it one step further to tell us about a website that tells you exactly where you can be the best voyeur (or the best exhibitionist)…

Have you ever been the subject of a Peeping Tom here in the city? How did that work out for you? Do you own binoculars? Do you put them to good use? Sound of in the comments section below! 

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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