How Long Would You Wait in Line for a New iPhone?

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I think I just don’t get the whole waiting-in-line-for-technology-so-that-I-can-have-it-first thing.

I have an iPhone. I love it. I adore it. It’s the one thing I will turn around and go home to get if I forgot it… even if I’m already on the subway.

But I don’t love it so much that I would wait in line to get the next generation iPhone before all my friends. I can wait until March to upgrade for free…or what used to be for free and now we accept the fact that $199.99 is the new free.

But there are already people lined up outside the Apple Store on 5th Avenue waiting in line for the iPhone 5 which comes out on Friday and we just had to talk to them.

And just how long have they been waiting for the iPhone 5?

Since last Thursday!! That’s LAST Thursday…which means they will be waiting in line for 8 straight days to grab a new phone. And it turns out, one person on line waited for much longer for the 4S…

How about you? How long of a line would you stand in for a new iPhone? Sound off with your opinions, horror stories and more in the comments section below!

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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