Ed Sheeran Reveals The Strangest Gift He’s Received: A Hairy Cake

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(Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

(Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

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Ed Sheeran may appear more like a cuddly ginger Muppet than your average teenage heartthrob, but “The A Team” singer has a way of driving the girls crazy on both sides of the Atlantic. And along with that affection comes a fair amount of fan supplied gifts.

Sheeran recently visited MIX 105.1/Orlando and let us in on the strangest gift he’s received.

“Clumps of hair,” Sheeran offered up to the collective groans of those in attendance. “Clumps of hair, yeah. Someone cooked it in a cake, a big clump of hair.”

Sheeran wasn’t aware of the extra ingredients until he dove into what looked to be a delicious dessert.

“Don’t ask me how I found it out as well,” he said admitting that he tried to eat it. “I thought, it’s very sweet to be given a cake, I shall eat the cake. And then I found a clump.”

It served to make him a little wary of the gift giver’s intentions as well.

“I was half expecting her to track me down and be like, ‘I’m inside you now!’ Be proper stalker-ish,” he said.

But the nice presents appear to far outweigh the creepy ones.

“I get quite a lot of cool presents though,” he gushed. “I got given some doughnuts today with some Lord of the Rings Legos, which was cool. We like that!”

-Brad Haynes, MIX 105.1/Orlando

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