Jim & Kim’s Office Space: Would Guys Use a Pink Umbrella If It Was Their Only Choice?

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Jim's Pink Umbrella... Ella... Ella...

Jim’s Pink Umbrella… Ella… Ella…

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Today’s Jim & Kim’s Office Space was more of a social experiment.

A friend posted on her Facebook page that it was pouring down rain one day and a few of the guys in her office needed to go out, but didn’t have an umbrella. They all turned down her offer to use her pretty pink umbrella and it really annoyed her.

So we decided to test the guys in our office to see if they thought their masculinity would be compromised by a pink umbrella.

So the question is: Do Real Men Use Pink Umbrellas?

Listen to some of the answers we got from some of the guys in our office!

What about you? Would you be able to use a pretty pink umbrella while walking around NYC? Would you actually prefer it? Sound off in the comments section below!

–Jim Douglas, Fresh 102.7

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