How Much Do You Remember from the 4th Grade?

The original answer in our studio this morning was “Plenty!”

Then we had a teacher call in to give us a 4th grade quiz and that answer (at least for me) was more of a head-hanging-in-shame-mumbled “not much”.

Each day this week to celebrate back-to-school, we have a teacher from the tri-state area giving us a quiz… how well do you think you will do on a 4th grade quiz…

Andrea is a teacher at Stanwick Elementary in Jefferson, New Jersey and these were the questions she posed to us this morning…

  • What are the three states of matter?
  • What kind of math problem would you be doing if you were asked to find the quotient?
  • This famous New Jersey author wrote Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing…name the author…
  • The water moves between the air and the earth in three processes…evaporation, precipitation and ___.
  • Name the state bird, the state flower or the state animal of New York…

How well will you do? Let us know in the comments section below!

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