Finish This Sentence: When I Was in School, I Was Always the Kid Who…

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It’s back to school time! A big sigh of relief from all the moms and dads and a huge groan from all the kids.

It turns out that my wife was known as “the girl that always threw up” in school. We found out when we attended her high school reunion that’s how everyone remembered her. So it got us to thinking this morning…

Fill in the blank: When I Was in School, I Was Always the Kid Who ____

We got plenty of people this morning (but nobody was the kid that threw up in class)… including Tracy who was “the kid who got away with murder” and Carol “the kid who was always the new person” and Danielle “the kid who always asked questions…”

What were you know as when you were in school? Sound off in the comments section below!

–Jim Douglas, Fresh 102.7

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