This Week On FM Magazine: Tuesday’s Children

Deb Gordon’s guest was Terri Sears, Executive Director of Tuesday’s Children which is a family services organization formed shortly after 9-11 by family & friends of 9-11 victims, to help children suffering from emotional problems as a result of the loss of a parent in the tragedy.  It quickly developed as a platform of programs to help these kids, and also helps adults who lost loved ones in the tragedy.

Ms. Sears provided information about these families, the majority of whom suffered from more psychological stressors and difficulty than other bereaved because of the unusual circumstances surrounding the tragedy as well as the ongoing media attention.  Also discussed were the organization’s wide range of programs and services including mentoring, educational and career guidance, leadership training, wellness, and life management programs designed to address the needs of  9/11 family members, and also first responders and their families.


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