How Much Is Too Much Of An Allowance? Or Shall We Call This ‘Bribery?’

My daughters mother and I are in the middle of a SERIOUS debate about what is appropriate and what isn’t as far as allowances and “INCENTIVE” money.

I offered what I call a “BONUS” for all As on this year’s report card. I mean, we get bonuses at work for good performance, right?

Her mother feels it’s a bad idea but, offers an allowance. I feel that an allowance is also a bribe for doing what is required to help around our home.

I found an article about allowances that sort of surprised me. Basically, it says that the average allowance provides kids enough money in a year to be able to buy an Apple iPad and three Kindles and still have money left over – according to a national survey sponsored by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).


Do YOU give an allowance? Do YOU offer a “bonus” for good grades? Sound off in the comments section below and take the poll!


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