OneRepublic Love Beer and Cover Songs, Talk About Songwriting

OneRepublic shot into the spotlight in 2007, powered by their debut album Dreaming Out Loud and the single “Apologize,” which topped album charts all over the world, also going triple platinum in the United States. The band hasn’t slowed down since, racking up hit after hit and performing in front of sell out crowds in the process.

But don’t think fame has gotten to their heads; OneRepublic enjoy a cold beer just like the rest of us, something they know quite a bit about since they hail from one of the country’s utopia of suds, Colorado.

“There are so many great breweries in Colorado,” says Drew Brown, who grew up in Boulder. “I think we have more breweries per capita than any other state.”

Pinpointing their favorite breweries or beer doesn’t come easy with so many options at their disposal, but after much debate, Ryan Tedder recalls which tops his list.

Wynkoop Brewery in downtown Denver … It was the first brewery in Denver and kind of started the whole microbrew explosion,” says Tedder. “They have a hatch green chile beer. It’s ridiculous.”

Sampling their favorite microbrews is something OneRepublic enjoys during their downtime, but covering other artists during their live show is one of their most cherished moments on stage; though the deciding whose hits to perform isn’t exactly the easiest.

“Somehow picking the songs we cover is the hardest part of being in this band,” says Brown, before Tedder jumps in. “But it’s one of the most fun things.” The band likes to sprinkle them in during their show, giving their set a nice ebb and flow.

“We’ll go into a song that maybe you know … then all of a sudden you’re like, ‘Wait a minute … is this Scissor Sisters?'” says Tedder.

The band has covered everyone from Rihanna and Adele (whom Tedder co-wrote “Rumour Has It” with) to Ben E. King and Oasis, but one of their most beloved covers is “Sabotage,” from New York City’s hip-hop greats Beastie Boys.

“That is one of my favorite covers we’ve ever done,” recalls Tedder. The cover has also become revered amongst fans, with several live versions finding their way to YouTube.

Outside of the band, Tedder has written with a who’s who in the industry, including Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and many more. Tirelessly writing with others has helped OneRepublic churn out hit after hit, something he feels can hinder artists when they spend too much time away from their craft.

“You try and come back and turn that switch back on … that’s kind of like not working out for three years and then trying to go run a marathon,” says Tedder, who sticks to a motto for keeping his songwriting fresh and creative:

“If you get lazy, your stuff starts to suck.”

OneRepublic looks to continue making music that doesn’t suck with the release of their next album, currently without a confirmed title or release date. But the first single, “Feel Again,” will hit airwaves tomorrow (August 22) and will have a live performance of the song right here for you to enjoy.

WATCH: OneRepublic Perform “Feel Again’ In Studio @ Fresh

–E.J. Judge, CBS Local/Fresh 102.7

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