“Rumour Has It” Faith Hill’s Cover Of OneRepublic’s “Come Home” Was A Surprise

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Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

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For Faith Hill‘s upcoming 2012 album Illusion, her first in five years, the Southern songstress will cover OneRepublic‘s “Come Home.” The decision to put the final track from the band’s 2007 album Dream Out Loud was merely circumstance, as her first choice of a Ryan Tedder penned track was already claimed.

While in studio with Tedder, Hill heard a recording which caught her ear, immediately falling in love with it. Unfortunately for Hill, the song was not performed by a demo singer, but an artist Tedder co-wrote the song with; Adele.

“It hadn’t come out yet,” says Tedder of “Rumor Has It,” the fourth singel from Adele’s 21. “Nobody knew what it was going to be or anything.”

What it would be is a platinum selling single for Adele that would also chart in 14 different countries. With “Rumor Has It” already spoken for, it was a surprise to Tedder the choice Hill would make.

“That was crazy. ‘Come Home’ came out of nowhere,” says Tedder.

Here’s Faith’s cover of “Come Home” as well as the OneRepublic original.

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