Jim & Kim’s Office Space: The ‘Unlimited Whatever’ Card – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

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Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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Last week, we found out that Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s father George had a special card that got him free McDonald’s for life! FOR LIFE! Can you imagine?! You could visit the Golden Arches and grab a shake with Grimace any time you wanted! Think of the greasy possibilities!

This little glimpse into the life of the 1% got us thinking: What would you want more than a Big Mac a day for the rest of your life?

So, it’s time for another round of Jim & Kim’s Office Space. We’ll ambush our co-workers and ask them a random question and you get to point and laugh and most likely agree with their awesome answers.

Today’s question: If you had a card that gave you “unlimited whatever you want for life,” what would it be?

Brace yourselves…

Tell us in the comments section below what YOU would love to have “unlimited whatever” of. Just keep it clean, will ya!

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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