How Much Have You Learned From the London Olympics? “Bugger All,” We Assume…

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This morning, our friend Jess from London gave us a little quiz to find out how much we have learned from the Olympics over the past two weeks. She brought all of her purely British phrases and had us guess what they mean in American English.

Think it’s easy?

Try this: “Budge up or get stuffed! We’re having a knees up and want bugger all of your sort here!”

Wait, what?!

From the Very Best of British slang on the website, here are your answers….

  • If you ask someone to “budge up,” you are asking them to move over and make some space.
  • If you’re “having a knees up,” you’re going to a dance or party.
  • If you tell someone to “get stuffed,” you’re rudely telling them to get lost.
  • And if you have “bugger all,” you have nothing.

Jess gave us a quiz of our own. See how well you do…

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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